Video-Art • Visual Music • Animation

12th September, 2018

Same Day World Premiere
10 works of Video Art and Visual Music
in several venues around the world


Cine Le Corbusier at French Embassy • Brasília, Brazil
MU.SA Museu das Artes de Sintra • Sintra, Portugal
Fonoteca Nacional de México • Ciudad de México, México
Reeves Theater, University of Tampa • Tampa, United States
Museo Artequin • Viña del Mar, Chile
Sala Concerti Pietro Sassu • Sassari, Italy
Conservatorio “G. Verdi”, Sala Puccini • Milan, Italy
Stoke Film Theatre • Staffordshire, England
Stockholm University of the Arts • Stockholm, Sweden
Videodrome 2 • Marseille, France
Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo • Montevideo, Uruguay


Directed and organized by
Antenor Ferreira (BR)

with the international curatorial and organizational support of
Alejandro Casales (MEX)
Santiago Echeverry (USA)
Loreto Ledezma Lebrín (CHI)
Roberto Musanti (IT)
Massimiliano Viel (IT)
Dave Payling (UK)


In order to support UNESCO’s ideal of peace and contribute to improving the quality of education, the International Festival of Video Art and Visual Music 2018 will join the activities of the International Day of Light.

It is important to emphasize that the involved institutions in the Festival, will contribute exclusively providing digital and local advertising around the activities.

The accomplishment of such event reaffirms the role of the UNESCO and cultural centers in the promotion and socialization the following missions.

1. Education for Sustainable Development.
2. Peace and human rights.
3. Intercultural learning.

For these reasons, let us be honored to be part of the mission.